About Me


My name is Mohammad Ghasembeigi and I am currently 22 years old and a 5th year Software Engineering student at the University of New South Wales, Australia.

I love computers and technology and the impact they have on our everyday lives. There is no greater feeling than creating something that people use and enjoy. For this reason I have been interested in website development since I was 10 years old. This was around about the time my father bought our family our first computer. I wasted no time in teaching myself HTML, CSS and learning about web standards and protocols.

I consider myself to be a strong programmer who can design elegant solutions and write clean and efficient code. You can find the¬†projects i’ve been involved with on my project page and you can review my code on Github.

However my real interest and passion lies within software security. I love breaking my code and learning about vulnerabilities so I can fix them. The one thing I appreciate about this field is the fact that it is ever-changing . In my spare time I like to pen-test websites and services (with their owners permission) as well as analyse open source software. I contribute to many online forums and communities filled with other amazing software enthusiasts like myself.

Project management is a field which I am also interested in. I consider myself to be leader and believe my organisation skills and work ethic can drive project teams to deliver great results in the allocated time-frame.

This main purpose of this website is to host some of my work as well as document some of my discoveries.

Mohammad Ghasembeigi