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You can find some of my programs, code samples and other work below.

Interesting Projects

Listed below are some projects I wish to highlight. These projects were very interesting to me because they were challenging, encouraged me to learn new technology and allowed me to produce a functional outcome.

ArticleVoid – Unique Content Article Directory

ArticleVoid Logo ArticleVoid is an article publishing website that produces unique and informative content. The goal of this website was to provide authors with an easy platform to distribute their content (including articles, tutorials, code, stories, lists and more) whilst receiving recognition for themselves or their company.Website accepted submissions from October 2012 – July 2013.
FakeBSOD – Prank your Friends, Family and Coworkers

FakeBSOD Logo Every wanted to pull a quick prank on a friend, family or coworker? FakeBSOD will allow you to simulate a Blue Screen of Death crash in your broswer so that you can have a little fun pranking your unsuspecting enemies!¬†–¬†Research Project Outcome [mirrored locally due to domain expiration] Logo I have created this website to spread awareness on the ever growing issue of problematic procrastination. This was the outcome of my Year 12 SACE Research Project.The websites domain expired at the end of 2013 but a mirror is available on this website.